Who is Peter Schurman?


3 responses to “Who is Peter Schurman?

  1. Thanks for asking. Here’s some background on me:

    Who I Am

    Since 1991 I’ve fought for common-sense progressive values, by bringing people together to speak up for:

    * Jobs, economic fairness & balanced budgets
    * High-quality education for our kids
    * Preventing climate change
    * Including new voices in the democratic process
    * Generational equity

    I’m a lifelong Democrat and progressive activist. I was the founding Executive Director at MoveOn.org, from 2001-2005. Previously, I served as the National Student Organizer for the Sierra Club, as associate director for a K-12 school science & community service program, as a clean air advocate for the American Lung Association, as a national organizer for a successful campaign to eliminate the U.S. budget deficit under President Clinton, as a campaigner for future-oriented, sustainable energy policies, and as an assistant to a Democratic member of Congress.

    I’m 40 years old. I was born in Boston and grew up in Portland, Maine. I studied history in college, at the University of Pennsylvania (1991). I moved to California in 1996, and have lived in the San Francisco bay area almost ever since, except for two years earning an M.B.A. at Yale (1998-2000), and one year running MoveOn.org from Washington, D.C. (2001-2002).

    I’m an entrepreneur, a campaigner, and a builder of organizations.

    I believe in a spirit of connection between people, one we create together through our daily choices and acts to support one another, especially when we’re struggling. I believe in possibility, and in bringing the possibility of a better world to life.

  2. Peter, nice to meet you and thanks for introducing yourself to CCWC. We have been searching for a candidate that asks Californians to re-engage their state government and to work together to take on the special interests wrecking our state.

    Are you that candidate?

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