Like the majority of voters, we believe Sacramento is broken and needs to be fixed. We also believe it will take more than a democratic governor to overcome the resistance of the minority to change California. It will take a broad victory throughout the state, rural and urban, red and blue, to bring about the reforms necessary to get our government working for/with us again.

Our candidate will put forth a specific economic plan that approaches the current crisis as an opportunity to create a new economy. A plan that creates jobs, invests in our schools, protects our environment, and lowers health care costs. Our candidate will partner with the creative genius and risk taking of Californians with tax cuts and incentives to lead the way to recovery and beyond.

CCWC is looking for a candidate who will lead a statewide reform movement that will change the way our state government works. We want lobbying reform, term-limits reform, budget reforms, ballot and initiative reform. California cannot afford another cycle of the status quo. We need our government to play its role in our politic. We reject the politics of confrontation. We seek the politics of accomplishment. We need a fresh voice that will talk straight and will embrace the Obama model of making government work again for people, its true source of power.

We need competence to fix Sacramento. We would like a candidate with a background and experience that meets the moment. We need an inspiring voice, a compelling message that reengages the people with their state government. Our candidate will draw on the people to change California together.

If you would like to join our discussion, then please invite your friends to do the same.


5 responses to “WHY

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. knowledge today, please go to our facebook group and join. invite your friends to the conversation.

  3. I posted your site to my MySpace friends!

  4. Randi, thanks for getting the word out and be sure to join our facebook group.


  5. We don’t need more laws or new lawmakers. We need to look to the resources we have. Rooftop solar energy. Turnover the fleet of professional lawncare equipment, electronic law enforcement, electonic medical records. Lawmakers in DC should be showing how CA leads in environmental/energy infrastructure. Get reimbursement for innovation.

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