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Level The Playing Field launches to “stop Meg Whitman” from buying governor’s seat


Phil Trounstine and Jerry Roberts nail it

Without Newsom, new faces, same old thing

One year before the 2010 election, Gavin Newsom’s abrupt withdrawal from the governor’s race leaves the campaign without a candidate conveying the message most aligned with California’s zeitgeist of the moment: a call for sweeping reform.

With Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown the lone (if still formally undeclared) Democratic candidate, and a Republican field of former EBay Chief Executive Meg Whitman, ex-Rep. Tom Campbell and Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner, the race now presents two fundamental, thematic choices:

Brown and Campbell argue, in slightly different ways, that fixing California is a matter of making government work better; Whitman and Poizner essentially contend that fixing California means getting government out of the way.

At a time when Californians have record-low regard for state government, none of the four has mounted a challenge to the status quo as strongly as did Newsom. A flawed messenger lacking focus and the discipline to raise the vast sums needed, he nonetheless came closest to seizing the mantle of change.


the politics of twitter

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meg whitman on her abysmal voting record, “i am engaged now.”

rasmussen snaphot of ca governor’s race



CCWC invites candidates running for governor of california to lunch

CCWC is opening its Tuesday lunch twitter talks (#TT) to all candidates running for governor of California.  We welcome the opportunity to get to know the candidate’s followers and to share ideas on the way forward in Sacramento.  If you are running for governor and would like to lunch with CCWC, please let us know which Tuesday you are available and we will spread the word to our members, readers and followers as to the when and the where.  


grassroots GNOP style, write yourself two checks for 19M

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