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who is stephen rush?


My message of hope reaches to the core of the California dream: a vibrant economy for cities and communities all across the state.  Every city has been hurting under California’s budget crisis, and that is why I will provide relief for the financially-strapped homeowner, jobs for the unemployed skilled worker, and aid for public education.

My comprehensive economic plan provides answers that directly translates into a reasonably immediate budget surplus, aid for schools and community emergency services like firefighters and police, monies to fix crumbling infrastructure and transportation, careful planning to promote sensible economic development while conserving water needs, as well as reduction of pollution, the homeless, and gang related crime that is even pushing out into smaller communities.  These measures will help to make the downward trend more shallow, to keep the economy from “crashing” (See Economics 101).  So, I am ’Rushing’ to the aid of Californians with my plan for the Economy, Environment, and Education.  I have affectionately called this plan the “Big-E.”


Phil Trounstine and Jerry Roberts nail it

Without Newsom, new faces, same old thing

One year before the 2010 election, Gavin Newsom’s abrupt withdrawal from the governor’s race leaves the campaign without a candidate conveying the message most aligned with California’s zeitgeist of the moment: a call for sweeping reform.

With Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown the lone (if still formally undeclared) Democratic candidate, and a Republican field of former EBay Chief Executive Meg Whitman, ex-Rep. Tom Campbell and Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner, the race now presents two fundamental, thematic choices:

Brown and Campbell argue, in slightly different ways, that fixing California is a matter of making government work better; Whitman and Poizner essentially contend that fixing California means getting government out of the way.

At a time when Californians have record-low regard for state government, none of the four has mounted a challenge to the status quo as strongly as did Newsom. A flawed messenger lacking focus and the discipline to raise the vast sums needed, he nonetheless came closest to seizing the mantle of change.


november redux: is tom steyer the right man to run for governor?

When CCWC states,

“We need competence to fix Sacramento. We would like a candidate with a background and experience that meets the moment. We need an inspiring voice, a compelling message that reengages the people with their state government. Our candidate will draw on the people to change California together.”

we are not limiting our search to the political class.  There are business and community leaders in our party, like Tom Steyer, that CCWC is interested in hearing from, in addition to the professional politicians making the rounds.  

Tom’s pragmatic point of view is substantive and resonates nationally regarding the banking crisis.  His bona fides as a democratic fundraiser and supporter are unrivaled in California.  His mastery of the crisis and finance are especially compelling given the current state of California’s economy.

As far as CCWC knows, Mr. Steyer has not indicated he is interested in changing his day job; should we consider a petition to persuade him to run for California’s highest office?  To work together to change Sacramento once and for all?

sf mayor newsom talks change talk in new you tube commercial

CCWC twitter talk with sf mayor gavin newsom

  1. Apple-touch-icon_normalNoozhawk RT @GavinNewsom: We need give more fiscal control and responsibility (realignment) to local governments.#ttnewsom11 minutes ago from TweetDeck
  2. Fall07-1_normaljohnholz @stevenefowler Thanks for that, nice job#ttnewsom11 minutes ago from web
  3. Gavin_twitter_normalGavinNewsom Thanks everyone – this was great. Looking forward the next one. Time to go the hospital! @ccwc#ttnewsom19 minutes ago from web
  4. Dsc05627_normalstevenefowler thank you to everyone for meeting up. we will post the feed in our blog and get into the thoughtful questions. #ttnewsom21 minutes ago from TweetDeck
  5. Twitter_normalagurbash What are the mayor’s views on the Armenian Genocide? #ttnewsom21 minutes ago from web
  6. Dsc05627_normalstevenefowler mayor, thank you for taking the time, to be continued. we look forward to seeing you on the trail. love to your wife and montana. #ttnewsom24 minutes ago from TweetDeck
  7. L_9e2b336fa1321d061b69c9ef85be8aef_normalmellaughsalot @GavinNewsom How do you feel about education budget and teaching to the test? #ttnewsom24 minutes ago from web
  8. Dsc05627_normalstevenefowler @kholleran we look forward changeing CA and fixing Sacramento. #ttnewsom #FIXCA25 minutes ago from TweetDeck
  9. Twitterprofilephoto_normalndgc12dx Duh, considering Cali is almost bankrupt. RT@GavinNewsom: We need give more fiscal control and responsibility to local govts. #ttnewsom25 minutes ago from UberTwitter
  10. Gavin_twitter_normalGavinNewsom @johnholz No bigger champion for HSR. Top priority. Essential to state’s environ & econ future. Benefits vastly outweigh costs. #ttnewsom25 minutes ago from web Continue reading

sf mayor in orange county. CCWC R: mayor keep engaging the people of CA.

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CCWC invites candidates running for governor of california to lunch

CCWC is opening its Tuesday lunch twitter talks (#TT) to all candidates running for governor of California.  We welcome the opportunity to get to know the candidate’s followers and to share ideas on the way forward in Sacramento.  If you are running for governor and would like to lunch with CCWC, please let us know which Tuesday you are available and we will spread the word to our members, readers and followers as to the when and the where.