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lass than a month until filing deadline…should we draft tom steyer?

We need a capable and proven leader who can bring fresh ideas to fix CA…maybe we should draft Tom Steyer to serve.

What do you think?  Do you have other ideas?


november redux: is tom steyer the right man to run for governor?

When CCWC states,

“We need competence to fix Sacramento. We would like a candidate with a background and experience that meets the moment. We need an inspiring voice, a compelling message that reengages the people with their state government. Our candidate will draw on the people to change California together.”

we are not limiting our search to the political class.  There are business and community leaders in our party, like Tom Steyer, that CCWC is interested in hearing from, in addition to the professional politicians making the rounds.  

Tom’s pragmatic point of view is substantive and resonates nationally regarding the banking crisis.  His bona fides as a democratic fundraiser and supporter are unrivaled in California.  His mastery of the crisis and finance are especially compelling given the current state of California’s economy.

As far as CCWC knows, Mr. Steyer has not indicated he is interested in changing his day job; should we consider a petition to persuade him to run for California’s highest office?  To work together to change Sacramento once and for all?

CCWC invites candidates running for governor of california to lunch

CCWC is opening its Tuesday lunch twitter talks (#TT) to all candidates running for governor of California.  We welcome the opportunity to get to know the candidate’s followers and to share ideas on the way forward in Sacramento.  If you are running for governor and would like to lunch with CCWC, please let us know which Tuesday you are available and we will spread the word to our members, readers and followers as to the when and the where.  


could tom steyer fix ca budget?…steyer on cnbc

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tom steyer on squawk box, toxic assets part deux

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joe nocera follows up on tom steyer’s appearance on charlie rose, changes his mind

March 27, 2009, 7:44 PM  

I’m Just a Cockeyed Optimist

“I was on Charlie Rose early in the week, in a panel with Mr. Krugman and my colleague Andrew Ross Sorkin.  We were a moderately glum group, I must say; though the market had gone up some 7 percent that day of the Treasury announcement, we shrugged that off as irrelevant (which it mostly was), and pronounced the plan just more of the same old, same old.  But then, after we got off the air, Mr. Rose brought on Tom Steyer from Farallon Capital and my friend Daniel Alpert of Westwood Capital, who were much more positive about its prospects for succeeding.

That got my attention.  So I decided, for my column this week, to dig a little deeper and find out why they were so optimistic, and whether their optimism was justified.  As it turns out — and somewhat to my surprise — I wound up agreeing with them.”