new america foundation CA call to “ACTION” – help us, help the governor to sign AB30

Dear Friends,

We did it! We are excited to report that all of your efforts on behalf of AB 30 – the innovative idea to lower the voter registration age to 17 —  have paid off. The bill passed both the California Assembly and Senate and is now sitting on the Governor’s desk.

WE NEED YOUR HELP ONE MORE TIME – we need you to contact Gov Schwarzenegger and tell him about the considerable benefits of lowering the voter registration age to 17, including: 

1. More young people registered to vote.
2. More young people voting (as a new report on preregistration from Pew Trusts shows).
3. Studies show that participation at an early age makes voting a lifelong habit.
4. Lowering the registration age would encourage high schools to become more actively involved in youth engagement and civic education.
5. It also would bring greater uniformity and efficiency to the registration process. Currently, some 17 year olds already can preregister to vote-if they will turn 18 before the next election-while the rest cannot. AB 30 would simplify and streamline the registration requirements.

The Governor can sign or veto AB 30 at any time.  Please contact the Governor RIGHT NOW. Tell him you support AB 30, and ask for his support too.

You can reach the Governor’s office by calling 916.445.2841 (press 1, then 2, then 0), by sending a FAX to 916.558.3160, by emailing him through his website at (choose “Governor” for the subject), or by tweeting him directly @Schwarzenegger.

You will find a sample email after the fold,

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,

Please sign AB 30, a bill that will streamline voter registration for California’s youngest voters. Currently, some 17 year olds already can preregister to vote if they will turn 18 before the next election, but the rest cannot, creating confusion and inefficient implementation. The way it is now, a 17 year old who will turn 18 on Nov. 1 can preregister, but another who will turn 18 on Nov. 10 cannot. That just leads to confusion about who can and can’t preregister. AB 30, which will lower the voter registration age for all 17 year olds, is a modest change to current law to help streamline the administration process, and to make it more consistent and efficient. It also will increase civic engagement of young people, and increase registration and turnout. Research shows that people who get involved in the electoral process at an earlier age are much more likely to become lifelong voters.

Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders, yet young people are staying away from the polls in droves. AB 30 represents a great step forward for California.  This legislation deserves your support and your signature. Please sign AB 30.

Sincerely yours,


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