LAT on villaraigosa conference call. CCWC R: thanks mayor

Villaraigosa says ‘cynical’ state budget cuts will ‘kneecap’ Obama’s stimulus package

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said this morning that the “gimmicks, accounting tricks and backdoor borrowing’’ in the proposed state budget deal would cost the city $260 million this year, while derailing state transit projects and putting thousands of criminals back on the streets.

The mayor vowed to join lawsuits being filed by local governments across California to block the Legislature from taking away billions of dollars in gas tax revenue, property tax dollars and redevelopment funds that were destined for counties and cities.

“This is a cynical money grab that will kneecap President Obama’s stimulus package and severely stint our economic recovery efforts,’’ Villaraigosa said at a morning news conference joined by leaders of the Los Angeles Police Department and the city police union.

First Assistant Chief Jim McDonnell said the proposal to reduce the state prison population by 27,000 inmates would have a definite “impact on our community.

LA Mayor Villaraigosa fills the democratic leadership vacuum and vows legal challenges to the gimmicks going on in Sacramento. Where are the other candidates?  Should Villaraigosa reconsider his decision to forgo the race for governor?  We are encouraged by the mayor’s leadership on the budget fiasco.  We are puzzled by those sitting on the sidelines.  Californians looking for leadership are with you Mayor Villaraigosa, “GIVE EM HELL!”


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