here is the capture from our first “twitter talk”, #TTprop13. please join us next tuesday at noon PST for our discussion on sf mayor newsom at: #TTnewsom.

Real-time results for #TTprop13

  1. Picture_3_normalmsghens @CCWC #TTprop13 That 50K house has not changed one bit. The value was cause by runaway property inflation.about 7 hours ago from twhirl  
  2. Picture_3_normalmsghens @CCWC #TTprop13 Why do you support the theft of family homestead through taxes?about 8 hours ago from twhirl
  3. Picture_3_normalmsghens @CCWC The irony of Property, a house in S. CA when I was growing up worth less than $50k is now worth $900K #TTprop13about 8 hours ago from twhirl
  4. Blog_icon_normalCCWC @CobyRudolph will let you know. next week’s tues noon topic: TTnewsom. see you there and maybe he will show up. #TTprop131 day ago from TweetDeck
  5. Blog_icon_normalCCWC thanks for showing up. if you know of any groups or links that might be helpful to getting this issue into the campaign, share. #TTprop131 day ago from TweetDeck
  6. Green_3621_img_1636_normalCobyRudolph @bishport I know @GavinNewsom has townhalls this week in San Fernando Valley San Diego. Will anyone be there to ask him about #TTprop13 ?1 day ago from twhirl
  7. Photo_7_normalbishport @colinwords when you have to compete as a start up with a business that doesn’t pay equitable rates, you can’t.#TTprop131 day ago from web
  8. Photo_7_normalbishport @colinwords i agree. #TTprop13 is ant-growth. it gives an unfair advantage to long term land owners, corporations.1 day ago from web
  9. Green_3621_img_1636_normalCobyRudolph Also, I wonder how many schools/parks/etc have gotten 60%+ of bond votes but haven’t been built because of #TTprop131 day ago from twhirl
  10. Green_3621_img_1636_normalCobyRudolph would be interesting to see how many yrs CA has missed budget deadlines and needed IOUs because of 2/3 rule #TTprop131 day ago from twhirl
  11. Photo_7_normalbishport @CobyRudolph we are not going to hear candidates talk about tax reform unless we put the issue front and center. #TTprop131 day ago from web
  12. Colintwitter_normalcolinwords Not only is it unfair & corrupt, but it discourages economic growth- no wonder there r so many wealthy young people renting in CA #TTprop131 day ago from web
  13. Blog_icon_normalCCWC @CobyRudolph we hear musings about constitutional conventions, but nothing specific. #TTprop13 scares ca politicians.1 day ago from TweetDeck
  14. Blog_icon_normalCCWC @colinwords your neighbors who bought twenty years ago are paying taxes at rates probably 1/3 that you are paying. is this fair? #TTprop131 day ago from TweetDeck
  15. Green_3621_img_1636_normalCobyRudolph where do the current candidates for governor stand on #TTprop13 ?1 day ago from twhirl
  16. Photo_7_normalbishport @CobyRudolph i agree with coby. #TTprop13favors the gentry and puts the burden on the young and makes it harder to get in the game.1 day ago from web
  17. Colintwitter_normalcolinwords I am a new property owner that took advantage of the slump, but am also being taken advantage of by#ttprop131 day ago from web
  18. Blog_icon_normalCCWC @colinwords are you a property owner? #TTprop131 day ago from TweetDeck
  19. Blog_icon_normalCCWC @CobyRudolph it is critical to repeal the 2/3 rule. no matter how creative our leaders might be, they cannot govern at 66%. #TTprop131 day ago from TweetDeck
  20. Green_3621_img_1636_normalCobyRudolph #TTprop13 as a young person only in the workforce for ~5 yrs, prop 13 disproportionately targets me and makes it tougher to buy a home1 day ago from twhirl
  21. Blog_icon_normalCCWC @CobyRudolph our approach to the issue is to repeal#TTprop13. we would like to lower regressive taxes and create “fair” property taxes.1 day ago from TweetDeck
  22. Default_profile_normalmiller71 #TTprop131 day ago from web
  23. Colintwitter_normalcolinwords #ttprop13 had good intentions but is outdated- & with hindsight- CA budget crisis, housing nightmares- it’s time 4 change candidate w guts1 day ago from web
  24. Green_3621_img_1636_normalCobyRudolph #TTprop13 I like that some are talking about removing comercial prop from prop13, but we need to address residential property too1 day ago from twhirl
  25. Blog_icon_normalCCWC #TTprop13 is what empowers the 1/3 minority to obstruct the state govt’s business. repeal or reform is needed to get our govt’ working.1 day ago from TweetDeck
  26. Photo_7_normalbishport i have yet to hear any candidate talk repeal of#TTprop13. we will need to build a strong coalition of groups and citizens to get it done.1 day ago from web
  27. Blog_icon_normalCCWC @miller71 could you post a link to the article?#TTprop131 day ago from TweetDeck
  28. Default_profile_normalmiller71 In 2003 CA recall Warren Buffett suggested to Arnold that Prop 13 be repealed as a method of balancing the state’s budget. #TTprop131 day ago from web
  29. Photo_7_normalbishport I will support the candidate who campaigns on the repeal or substantial reform of #TTprop13.1 day ago from web
  30. Blog_icon_normalCCWC Q2: how important is a candidate’s position on#TTprop13 in the governor’s race to you?1 day ago from TweetDeck
  31. Blog_icon_normalCCWC @msghens should a grandparent who owns a home worth $1.8M that is taxed at $600K be able to pass the home to a granchild tax free? #TTprop131 day ago from TweetDeck
  32. Blog_icon_normalCCWC @msghens #TTprop13 would you support reforming the amendment to exclude businesses?1 day ago from TweetDeck
  33. Picture_3_normalmsghens @bishport Doing away with #TTprop13 is punishing those who work hard for a home. Income tax is about the only thing not regressive.1 day ago from twhirl
  34. Blog_icon_normalCCWC @msghens rental properties are protected by#TTprop13. you are not asking renters pay the property tax are you? day ago from TweetDeck
  35. Picture_3_normalmsghens @bishport #TTprop13 is targeting a subset of the population who have worked hard for a home.1 day ago from twhirl
  36. Picture_3_normalmsghens @bishport #TTprop13 Why not Renter’s credit? It is based on the fallacy that Renters pay property tax.1 day ago from twhirl
  37. Blog_icon_normalCCWC @msghens would you support reforming #TTprop13to exclude businesses?1 day ago from TweetDeck
  38. Photo_7_normalbishport @msghens california is taxed regressively on account of #TTprop13. the reforms being suggested by phil ting on biz would net the state 8B.1 day ago from web
  39. Colintwitter_normalcolinwords the 2/3 rule is a disgrace #ttprop131 day ago from web
  40. Photo_7_normalbishport @msghens california is one of only three states to use the anti-democratic 2/3 rule. would you support reforming the 2/3 rule? #TTprop131 day ago from web
  41. Blog_icon_normalCCWC @msghens #TTprop13 also created established the 2/3 rule for taxing and spending. this gives undo power to 1/3 of the legislature, no?1 day ago from TweetDeck
  42. Blog_icon_normalCCWC @msghens #TTprop13 has created a tax shelter for legacy property owners and put new buyers at a competitive disadvantage.1 day ago from TweetDeck
  43. Picture_3_normalmsghens @CCWC #TTprop13 protects home owners from outrageous increases in tax from inflation.1 day ago from web
  44. Picture_3_normalmsghens @CCWC #TTprop13 pegs property to historical cost. Not what the assessor thinks it should be or some perceive value.1 day ago from web
  45. Photo_7_normalbishport the most obvious glitch with the #TTprop13 is the 2/3 rule embedded inside the amendment. revenue aside, govt’ should not be run by 1/3.1 day ago from web
  46. Blog_icon_normalCCWC this week we would like to get feedback on#TTprop13,…. Q1: what’s wrong with prop 13?1 day ago from TweetDeck
  47. Blog_icon_normalCCWC we would like to welcome all to our first twitter talk#TTprop13. we will be hosting discussions every tues at noon. next week #TTnewsom1 day ago from TweetDeck
  48. Colintwitter_normalcolinwords REMINDER: join CCWC for a twitter talk on california’s PROP 13 @ 12:00 – 1:00 PST today @ #ttprop131 day ago from web
  49. Colintwitter_normalcolinwords REMINDER: join CCWC for a twitter talk on california’s PROP 13 @ 12:00 – 1:00 PST today @ #TTprop131 day ago from web
  50. Blog_icon_normalCCWC watching #Sotomayor? join us @ #TTprop13 at noon to discuss prop 13 and the governor’s race in california #CAfail1 day ago from TweetDeck
  51. Blog_icon_normalCCWC REMINDER: join CCWC for a twitter talk on california’s PROP 13 @ 12:00 – 1:00 PST today @ #TTprop131 day ago from TweetDeck
  52. Blog_icon_normalCCWC @Karoli be sure to join us at noon @ #TTprop13discussion1 day ago from TweetDeck
  53. Blog_icon_normalCCWC mike malloy primer for #TTprop13 discussion at noon day ago from TweetDeck
  54. Green_3621_img_1636_normalCobyRudolph RT @CCWC: REMINDER: join CCWC for a twitter talk on california’s PROP 13 @ 12:00 – 1:00 PST today @#TTprop13 #CAFAIL1 day ago from twhirl
  55. Blog_icon_normalCCWC REMINDER: join CCWC for a twitter talk on california’s PROP 13 @ 12:00 – 1:00 PST today @ #TTprop131 day ago from TweetDeck
  56. Photo_7_normalbishport RT @CCWC REMINDER: join CCWC for a twitter talk on california’s PROP 13 @ 12:00 – 1:00 PST today @#TTprop131 day ago from web
  57. Picture_3_normalmsghens @CCWC Prop-13 protects middle/lower class home owners. Before PROP-13, people were TAXED out of their homes as they got older. #TTprop131 day ago from twhirl
  • Blog_icon_normalCCWC REMINDER: join CCWC for a twitter talk on california’s PROP 13 @ 12:00 – 1:00 PST today @ #TTprop131 day ago from TweetDeck
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