ca progress reports’ schrag on NYT’s leibovich

California’s Five Wannabes

Leibovich’s piece is titled, “Who Can Possibly Govern California?” but neither he nor his candidates seem to have much interest in answering the much more important more important questions about how it could be done. What he and the Times have in effect accomplished, both in the text and the in accompanying photos of the candidates, all nicely dressed and shot in nice California outdoor settings, is to further reinforce voter contempt for the state’s would-be leaders.

But finally what’s most striking is that it really isn’t about the candidates, much less the state, but about Leibovich – how he traveled around California, chatted with them, went with them to some PR events, and sat schmoozing with Arnold in the governor’s smoking tent – God, how often do we have to hear about that tent?

Where are California and the people who are feeling the pain – the school kids and teachers in hopelessly underfunded schools, the children who are losing their health care, the minimum-wage working mothers struggling to pay their child care, the students who are losing their university grants? Is all this really about nothing?

Read Full Article Here.


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