want to push back on the slash and burn budget cuts in sacramento? take a few minutes and make a few calls, launch some emails. the republican minority senators bankrupting our critical social services are listed here. tell em where you stand.

Senator Dave Cox – District 1

phone 916-651-4001
Senator Dave Cox

Senator Samuel Aanestad – District 4

phone 916-651-4004
Senator Samuel Aanestad

Senator Jeff Denham – District 12

phone 916-651-4012
Senator Jeff Denham

Senator Dave Cogdil – District 14

phone 916-651-4014
Senator Dave Cogdil

Senator Abel Maldonado – District 15

phone 916-651-4015
Senator Abel Maldonado

Senator George Runner – District 17

phone 916-651-4017
Senator George Runner

Senator Roy Ashburn – District 18

phone 916-651-4018
Senator Roy Ashburn

Senator Tony Strickland – District 19

phone 916-651-4019
Senator Tony Strictland

Senator Bob Huff – District 29

phone 916-651-4029
Senator Bob Huff

Senator Bob Dutton – District 31

phone 916-651-4031
Senator Bob Dutton

Senator Mimi Walters – District 33

phone 916-651-4033
Senator Mimi Walters

Senator Tom Harmon – District 35

phone 916-651-4033

Senator Tom Harmon

Senator Dennis Hollingsworth – District 36

phone 916-651-4036
Senator Dennis Hollingsworth

Senator John Benoit – District 37

phone 916-651-4037
Senator John Benoit

Senator Mark Wyland – District 38

phone 916-651-4038
Senator Mark Wyland

4 responses to “want to push back on the slash and burn budget cuts in sacramento? take a few minutes and make a few calls, launch some emails. the republican minority senators bankrupting our critical social services are listed here. tell em where you stand.

  1. Dave Johnson GOPsavers

    Well here we are, right where we told you we would be 15 years ago.

    You have stollen all of the money we have to give in order to buy votes for yourselves and we have no more for you to steal from us.

    Those who did have some money left over after all of your spending have moved out of the State and taken 500,000 Manufacturing jobs with them since 2001.

    I could fix this economy in 18 months yet you can not?

    Here is a prayer for each of you.

    Obama & CA Democrats are the shepherd I did not want. they leadeth me beside the still factories with huge un-employed masses. They restoreth my faith in the Republican party. They guideth me in the path of unemployment for his party’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the bread line, I shall fear no hunger for his bailouts are with me. They have anointed my income with taxes, My expenses runneth over. Surely, poverty and hard living will follow me all the days of my life, And I will live in a mortgaged home forever. I am glad I am American, I am glad that I am free. But I wish I was a male dog …And They were a trees.

    Who are worse? Those who are elected or those who vote for them.

  2. Citizen Johnson, we post your message so Californians can read for themselves what motivates the right.

  3. Call these people and thank them for choosing to try and keep businesses in California!

    I am not a fan of cutting the needy from aid. But I disagree on calling any Social Service “critical.” It’s a Service because it’s meant to aid, and if the aid isn’t there, then one has to make due on their own. I do NOT expect my parents to pay my bills when I can’t make them, and I believe the same should apply to any person capable of attaining employment [regardless of it’s availability.]

    Social Services should be privately run entities with private donations, not forced upon with taxes. Taxes should go towards improving the capability of people to work and making the state a business-friendly environment.

    Cut services down to the people who need them as essentials: the disabled, and the medically needy elderly.

    Increase income into the state by making business more welcome: reduce workman’s compensation, increase protection from fraudulence, remove illegal immigrants from the job market.

    These republicans are not bankrupting our state. The state is already on the path of bankruptcy due to such enormous spending and scaring away their income earners by heavy taxing. All lawmakers should be ashamed to be in the current situation by allowing such massive spending to endure to this point.

  4. Darren, you left out the 200K students about to be cut off from college funds. You forgot the prisoners that are about to be put back on our streets. You fail to mention the police, teachers and fire fighters about to get pink slips.

    If you believe bankrupting the state is the right plan, then by all means vote republican. The irony of the republican approach to drowning our government lies in the hypocrisy of being “pro business”. Who do you think is about to get all those “IOU’s”?

    If you are a business in California that does business with the state, you are about to go broke unless you can unload your “IOU’s on some bank to nowhere.

    The state of California ranks 49 in state employees per 10K residents at 100. The national average is 134-143. Our problem is not that our government is too big. Our problem is we have an anti-democratic 2/3 rule that gives a tax obsessed minority undo power.

    CCWC is going to back the candidate that pledges to fix this and other structural failures in the California constitution.

    Good luck in 2010 selling gov’t is the enemy. All Californians are about to see how critical good government is to our collective well being.

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