SFgate’s marinucci and yi get to the root causes of california’s structural failures.

If there is an upside to the failures of the current administration in Sacramento, it is the chorus coming out of the press, progressive blogs and grassroots organizations of all stripes that the time has come to fix our government.  CCWC will support the candidate who brings these reforms to the forefront of their campaign.

There are several factors that contribute to the state’s recurring inability to deliver an on-time, balanced budget. Among them:

— Partisanship: California’s gerrymandered legislative districts tend to protect incumbents and encourage more political extremes – Republicans on the right and Democrats on the left with less incentive to reach out to the political middle, much less compromise at the Capitol.

— Term limits: Proposition 140, passed in 1990, limits legislators terms to six years in the Assembly and eight in the state Senate.

— Ballot-box budgeting: Initiative-loving Californians mandated set-aside funding for all kinds of single-interest issues, from education to stem cell research.

— Prop. 13: The 1978 landmark law slashed commercial and residential property tax rates, shifting state reliance to other more volatile sources.

— The two-thirds majority rule: The Golden State is one of just three states that require a two-thirds majority vote from each legislative house to pass budgets.

Read full article here.

To all candidates considering a run, we are committed to these reforms.  We are less interested in what you have accomplished in the past and are focused squarely on what you plan to do to “fix” our government.  


2 responses to “SFgate’s marinucci and yi get to the root causes of california’s structural failures.

  1. I do agree that Proposition 140 – Term Limits for State Legislators and Constitutional Officers causes instability in Sacramento, which gives Lobbyists and Long Term Staffers too much power.

  2. Allen, I am sure there is a lot of common ground to be covered if given the chance. Sacramento is broken structurally and the fix transcends parties.

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