but who will ashton and demi tweet their support for?

Variety: Hollywood gets behind candidates

Just in case things in California don’t seem strange enough to suit your own eccentric west coast palate, Variety has run an article speculating about which gubernatorial candidates will garner which Hollywood bigwig’s blessing. Such is the state of our politics.

It is almost a welcome reprieve in an intense political contest to have human interest stories pop up that add a touch of levity to the typical 24-hour news cycle of punditocracy. Think about the national attention showered down upon Carrie Prejean for her now infamous stand against same sex marriage. Here we find the US facing a serious social issue and several states, not named California, are already coming out in favor of equal rights for everyone. Somehow, in the midst of this serious debate, focus gets thrust upon a beauty pageant winner whose greatest addition to the national dialog on gay marriage, in my mind at least, is the nifty term ‘opposite marriage.’ I feel guilty bringing it up, as I believe that moment jumped the shark within a day of it occurring, but it is a prime example of the curious human element making itself known in the political world.

Back to my point, even the most somber of political junkies among us will take a moment at some point to read about the Hollywood perspective on a candidate. In California it is inevitable as the entertainment industry is a major player in our state’s economy. Some movie star will use their fame as a platform for offering support for a candidate and newspapers around the country will make it a top headline.

I am waiting for that American Idol Moment when we get to see the candidates showcased on television to a montage of moving personal clips, a contemporary but not too cutting edge soundtrack and a personal acquaintance of the candidate narrating, with great affection and gravitas, the story of the candidate’s life and career…or has it already happened and I missed it?!?

Until that moment I will wait to see who Ashton tweets his support for with an open mind.

Read Variety Article Here


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