san diego news network dot com. CCWC R: we back the reforms outlined by dean erwin chemerinsky.

Calling for a California constitutional convention

A grassroots organization asks for a convention to fix California’s broken government system.


“There are countless controversial issues that could doom it,” Chemerinsky said, referencing not only social hot-button topics like gay marriage, but fiscal issues, such as Proposition 13 (which capped property tax rates at 1 percent). “I favor a convention, but I don’t think we should assume it’s the solution.”

Chemerinsky, who worked on reforming Los Angeles’ city charter, believes that the state needs to first change the two-thirds requirement for budget passage and tax increases, the allocation of Proposition 13, and initiatives that direct the spending of money.

“If we can’t adopt these reforms by themselves, how are we going to pass them with a convention?” he asked.

Repair California’s current proposal would limit the convention to four topics—budget reform, election reform, reform of state and local government relationships, and initiative reform. (emphasis added, CCWC backs these reforms)

“In the current (constitutional conventional) initiative language, we bar delegates from considering tax increases and touching Prop. 13,” Grubb said. “We don’t think the system is capable of healing itself through the most obvious channel—for the Legislature to pass reforms.”


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