monday meeting with new america foundation, noon to two

CA EVENT: California v 2.0
The Roads to Fundamental Reform

Faced with a deepening budget crisis and a paralyzed political system, a growing number of Californians have concluded that their government needs a complete overhaul. Join us to meet the leaders of the reform movement, to explore different paths to fundamental change, and to discuss some ideas for creating “California v 2.0,” an upgraded political system that meets the challenges of the 21st century.  

This event will address the big questions for the Golden State: Do we need to hold a constitutional convention?  Should we adopt an entirely new electoral system?  How can an increasingly diverse and often disenchanted public be reengaged in California’s political process?

This event will also be webcast live. No RSVP is necessary for the webcast; simply return to this page on Monday at 12:00 PST to watch the event remotely.


One response to “monday meeting with new america foundation, noon to two

  1. BIG DREAM: Using a large sound stage at a major studio, create a model TV/Online, big green sponsored, weekly show, to encourage all to watch and participate.
    I. State the challenge
    II. Have a round table of experts with problem
    problem solvers seeded amongst them
    III. Invite, via all medium, the public to send in
    IV. Call Center to judge the best ones to scroll
    along the bottom of screen (like CNN)
    V. With “Best of Show” ideas people, have
    their local TV people do biography of
    VI. “Red Carpet” (paid travel expenses, hotel accomodations and other amenities for the winners to treat them as celebrities for they are coming up with the solutions.
    VII. Award Show will award percentages of a sponsor generated pool of money by asending order (the largest fix gets the largest percentage of the pool)
    VIII. Next show is Government vs. Private Sector or a combination of both–Who gets awarded the contract(s) to do what.
    IX. Follow-up show to let the public see how it works.
    X. Win-Win–public sees that we can do anything in a free society. Children learn civics, families are brought out of poverty by the jobs created, etc., etc., etc.
    XI. I’ve kept this mostly private until now, and I am willing to do anything to save my Venice, my Los Angeles, my L.A. County, my State, my country, my hemisphere, my planet and ultimately, my universe.
    XII. Oh yes, I will need Spielberg, Lucas, and Katzenberg to help me.

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