CCWC memo to candidates: our future is now

To all candidates declared or otherwise for the democratic primary for governor.  As we watch and read the news coming out of Sacramento, we are as resolved as ever that our system is broken and we want to help fix it together.  

Yesterday is too soon to call a press conference and give a speech on the current crisis, put forward your plan and to take questions on how you will return California to its people, protect the middle class and begin to reinvest in the innovative spirit that drives growth.  Californian’s are eager to and ready to support a clear vision for our economic future that includes all of us.  

How does one standby and watch?  Where are your plans?  Who is ready to speak up and tell us the hard truths, the shared sacrifices ahead?  When do you plan to address this crisis?  Many have said, “this election is about the future”.  If that’s the case, then let’s start talking about it.

Exhibit A in judgement and vision, a state senator’s POV on Iraq invasion:


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