you want to save your state parks – fork over $15

Democrats offer Californians a deal: Hike car tax, save state parks

The Mercury News has an article today about the Democrats’ new budget plan they are about to unveil, which could get a vote next week. It will include the expected “across the board” spending cuts over which Californians have been fretting and something of particular interest to many of us – a proposed additional $15 fee when you register your car. This fee will go towards saving state parks, generating an estimated $230 million in revenue. In return, the magnanimous car drivers of California will also be allowed to park inside state parks free of charge, provided their car bears a California plate.

I have a confession.  I hike in places such as Temescal Canyon or Topanga at least twice a week but always park my car outside the park and avoid the entry fees. It has occurred to me to get a year pass to the parks but, with my own limited budget, I opt for walking a little further to get to the trail. I am a bad hiker in terms of not paying, but for a proposed $15 I could be a good hiker and maybe even some day a good human being. Baby steps…

Of course, there is that nasty little 2/3 Rule standing in the way, again.

You can read the Mercury article HERE


One response to “you want to save your state parks – fork over $15

  1. Way to Go!!!!! You are not alone.

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