calbuzz spreads bill lockyer rumor, ties off mcpeak gossip. CCWC Q&R: who is bill lockyer? we are not so sure about sunne’s denial.

Friday Fishwrap: Sex, Gossip & Taxes

Now that Sunne speculation has been eclipsed, we hear that at least one prominent California Democrat is importuning Treasurer Bill Lockyer to jump in. Lockyer could occupy some of the same space as McPeak (actually the wide-bodied treasurer would take up a helluva’ lot more of it) and, interstingly, has been raising his profile in recent days. Coincidence? You be the judge.

Which reminds us: Lockyer is living proof of the futility of term limits in attempting to drive “career politicians” from office. He’d already put in 17 years in the Legislature, and was a second-tier poster boy for those pushing the idea, when term limits passed in 1990, but he’s since managed to extend his Sacramento career by another 19 years, simply by nimbly and constantly positioning himself to hop to a new office.


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