ca governor = dead-end job

matt littman in huffpo 6.10.09…

It is time to make a change in the way our state is governed. There is talk of Constitutional Conventions. There is talk of changes to the laws. But these changes may never occur, because they take strong political will. And even if they do occur, how long will it be until a 2/3 vote on budget matters is no longer necessary? How long will be it until the state can be governed effectively? The truth is, these changes may take years.

We now have several people running for Governor, and they all want to run a state that is near bankruptcy with no positive news on the horizon. It’s not like trying to pilot the Titanic away from the iceberg; it’s like asking to steer the Titanic after it hit the iceberg.

Why do Jerry Brown, Tom Campbell, Meg Whitman, Gavin Newsom and a cast to be named later want this job? If I were hosting a debate, my question would be along the lines of the one Jay Leno famously asked Hugh Grant. “What are you thinking?” Except in that case Hugh Grant, like Eliot Spitzer, was caught with a hooker. Grant’s career thrived after that episode.

The next leader of our state should be so lucky as to be caught picking up a prostitute — that appears to be a better career path than the dead-end job of Governor of California.



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