dkos paradox on california gov campaign and 2/3 rule, “tremendous political opportunity…”

A Republican™ Reckoning

Gavin Newsom has made a good start in campaigning to eliminate the stupidly destructive undemocratic 2/3 budget rule, but there’s nothing in his current message to properly identify what’s happened to California and who is responsible for it.1

Democrats didn’t shut our parks down, Republicans and Schwarzenegger did.  Republicans are the ones who refuse to fix Prop 13 or raise taxes, so Republicans will shut this State down and break it, they don’t believe in government and they’re finally getting they’re utterly disastrous chance to prove it.

If in fact that comes to pass in 50 days (voters totally rejected an asinine Arnie budget a few weeks ago, man what a total embarrassment for all California adults that was), as looks more likely every hour, the Democratic Party and little people of California cannot ever afford for there to be any iota of confusion about who did this to us and who owns it.

Republicans are shutting our parks down.  The Republican Governor is taking a knife to the weakest among us, the sick and aged, they don’t have much power and the pittance we spend on them is easily cut off. Republicans will burn in effigy Schwarzenegger or anyone who tries to raise taxes, which shuts the state down, democratic Republics can’t function with that kind of stupid inflexibility.

Can the current California Democratic Party or Newsom effectively communicate that obvious truth? Obviously to a significant degree not, since the Republicans dare to really shut us down and think they can get away with it.

It would be very, very easy to do, since in fact it’s the screaming total truth Republicans are destructively taking us down, it’s not the Democrats, the Feds or the weather.  One would hope Newsom sees the truth and the tremendous political opportunity, but we shall see what happens. 


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