LAT Q: villaraigosa’s and newsom’s private lives may collide with their political aspirations. but do voters care? CCWC A: a concrete plan for change is paramount

Two mayors make Jerry Brown look traditional

Villaraigosa and Newsom — all candidates, indeed — have the chance to educate voters about the totality of their lives, said Lehane, a strategist based in San Francisco.

In the end, as always, voters will decide. In the circuitous calculus that they employ, will the candidates’ struggles be seen as human frailty or a lack of personal discipline? Will their significant others’ websites suggest comfort with strong and independent women or seem too suggestive?

“You’re going to have positive and negative,” Lehane said. “What you want to do is emphasize your positives and minimize your negatives — and do the opposite to an opponent.”


CCWC will back the candidate most qualified to lead a transformational reform movement in Sacramento.  The private lives of the candidates are of no interest to us, save drug addiction, illicit conduct and the like.  The new politics Obama started at the national level attempt to end petty confrontations and foster collaboration with even the most divergent view points, moving us away from attacking people personally.  It is in this spirit, we will reject the  media’s fascination with personality and human frailty on both sides.

We will demand the same of our candidate. 

With this in mind, CCWC would like to know the values and life experiences that drive the political decisions and judgements the candidates have made in the past and compel them to campaign for our future.  We are as interested in this as we are the records of the candidates.  We are searching for a candidate with a resume as much a vision to fix Sacramento rooted in principles and acumen that are matched for the times we are in.

Mayors, all candidates, we wish you the best in your search for personal peace and happiness. 


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