CSUN news clipping, CCWC Q: “do california school children need clean bathrooms?”

California lawmakers hear pleas not to further slash education

“My students live in rural Gilroy, many miles from school, across the 101 Freeway, without a safe route to walk or even ride their bikes,” said Rebecca Scheel, who has been driving school buses in Gilroy for 12 years. “Many parents work in the fields and are not available to take them in the morning to school. There is no public transportation. . . . Our kids desperately need the school bus to get to school safely.”

Students will suffer in other ways as well, said Teresa Stanley, a trustee of the Folsom Cordova Unified School District. Bathrooms will be cleaned once a week, libraries will be closed and students may not have access to the core courses required for admission to UC and Cal State.

“If cuts continue, we can’t be counted on to do much more than provide the basics for kids,” she said. “Nothing extra, nothing that’s going to help them succeed and compete against other students in a global economy.”


3 responses to “CSUN news clipping, CCWC Q: “do california school children need clean bathrooms?”

  1. As to cleaning restrooms once a week — that’s a good job for the students who are in detention. What better way to deter the bad behavior than by having to clean the bathrooms at school. It’s slightly humiliating, probably gross, and if you’re always in detention — your only job in life may be to clean disgusting bathrooms for minimum wage. So I think we’re on to something here…

  2. Steve, good luck selling the, “let the kids do it” in the 2010 campaign. We doubt shuttering schools, ending bus services and student assistance for 200k college students will win votes.

    We are for full and complete funding of all required resources to keep our education system in tact. We support building newer better schools in place of prison after prison.

    The republican gambit to drown government is finely being realized and the parents/voters are waking up to the madness. I recommend you attend a local board meeting in your spare time and listen to the voices of outrage.

    While you are there, ask for a mop.

  3. While we are on school budgets, why don’t we throw them out & start over??????? Why aren’t the districts paid the same?? Instead we have sweetheart deals & inequalities all through the system! Let’s try to fix them! I am also ok with budget cut to education to shorten the school year. I also work in education. Let’s give the schools the requirements they need to meet & then the freedom to meet them! (Block grant $$ vs. nitpicky rules & forms, etc.) Step in when they are not meeting their requirements!

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