do california children really need school buses?

California lawmakers hear pleas not to further slash education

A bleak picture emerged of the possible aftermath in the state’s schools: only three guidance counselors for 3,200 students at Berkeley High School; classes increasing to 43 students per teacher in Los Angeles; students in a Sacramento suburb no longer given access to classes required for college admission; and an estimated 250,000 students pushed out of California community colleges by fee increases and financial aid cuts. 

Several speakers testified that a proposed cut of more than $300 million in home-to-school bus transportation would leave many students stranded.

“My students live in rural Gilroy, many miles from school, across the 101 Freeway, without a safe route to walk or even ride their bikes,” said Rebecca Scheel, who has been driving school buses in Gilroy for 12 years. “Many parents work in the fields and are not available to take them in the morning to school. There is no public transportation. . . . Our kids desperately need the school bus to get to school safely.”


2 responses to “do california children really need school buses?

  1. My daughter rides a school bus this year. However next year they will not be offering that service. There is also no city bus for her to ride. We live just over 5 miles away from the school, so the only option is for us to take her. We are starting a car pool to help with this, but a lot of her friends will have to walk to and from school.

  2. Beth, we ask the question rhetorically. We obviously believe our school children need school buses. Our hope is that the buses arrive to state of the art schools with the best teachers in the world waiting inside.

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