griffen: sizing up villaraigosa for sf mayor

Sizing up Mistermayor’s L.A. Rival

May 21, 8:43 AM

Melissa Griffen, SF Examiner

‘When he’s on top of his game, [Los Angeles Mayor Antonio] Villaraigosa is catnip to wealthy, white, liberal voters — and that, combined with Latino voters, makes for a powerful coalition,” Democratic pollster Andre Pineda recently told me. Pineda then added that Villaraigosa, who is eyeing a run for governor but has yet to commit to the race, is far from being on top of his game.

I’m sure the thought of a race without Villaraigosa inspires awkward high-fives all around Mistermayor’s gubernatorial campaign headquarters. Despite the fact that Villaraigosa only has 1,634 followers on Twitter compared with Newsom’s 422,970, he and Newsom have been polling within a few points of each other for some time now, though neither within 10 points of state Attorney General Jerry Brown (who has 186,178 followers; I know you were wondering).



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