turnout is historically low, the special election is a failure, moving on

The changes needed to put the state on a new course will not be achieved via the constitution we know, ballot measures, term limits and recall mania. Californians for change must come together, forge a coalition committed to reform first and support and elect a new governor who is prepared to write a new chapter, plow a new way forward, next.

The failures of this special election, the 2008 budget debate and the same failed ballot measures before these are common sense proof that the same cast of players and the old politics will not get it done. CCWC invites all credible candidates to step into the governor’s race and reengage the people of California in their state government. For now we are undecided, looking forward to the debate, and supporting the candidate who steps forward with a plan to fix Sacramento at its core.


One response to “turnout is historically low, the special election is a failure, moving on

  1. I’ve had a lot of interest in the referendum that California voted on May 19th regarding the financial mess their state is in. In a Sacramento Bee article, Analysis: Convoluted ballot produces ‘a $25 million Rorschach test’I read the following:

    Californians delivered a message of general contempt, but didn’t provide clear guidance to the Legislature on how to solve what is now a $21.3 billion problem.

    California is a mess, and it is a warning for the rest of America of what is to come if fiscal sanity is not quickly regained. Interestingly, there are connections to drilling for oil, auto emission standards, and the federal bail out program.

    California Could Pay for their Budget by Drilling for Oil:

    In March, Californian analysts reported that they faced a $43 billion deficit. They cut some spending, and increased some fees and taxes, and then ran into a ballot referendum designed to block further tax increases and force more budget cuts.

    And all the while they debate this, California completely ignores a way to raise revenue AND help the rest of the country on energy policy.

    They could allow off shore oil drilling and raise billions of dollars in permit fees they would collect from the oil companies.

    “Raising fuel economy standards is a far better way to go with far better results … than drilling in pristine areas off our coast,” said Senator Barbara Boxer, who is chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works http://www.rigzone.com/news/article.asp?a_id=75178 So, Senator Boxer and her friends are behind the effort to have President Obama increase fuel standards on cars.

    Instead of Drilling for Oil, California Will Force Consumers to Pay More for Cars

    The new fuel efficiency standards sound good, but they may kill Detroit and definitely raise prices for consumers. Based on news accounts, the car costs will increase by about $1,300 per car. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2009/05/19/obama-announces-new-fuel-efficiency-emissions-standards/ Not only this, but they way they hope to do that is to force people to buy electric cars. Now, car battery will have to be replaced after so many miles. The cost to replace can range between $1,125 and $15,000, depending on make and model. http://www.lionev.com/upgrade_to_Lithium.html

    But this isn’t the only environmental issue, because they want to have what is called “Cap and Trade” environmental legislation. This will raise the price of electricity by 40%. Now, can you imagine taking a trip to Grandma’s house and needing to recharge your electric car before going home, but Grandma saying “Hell No” because she doesn’t want to have to pay the electric bill? Duke Energy CEO James Rogers said “a proposal by President Obama to place a price on carbon emissions would drive up electricity rates in some areas of the U.S. by 40% and warned that it could also lead to “a redistribution of wealth” from Midwestern industrial states to coastal states.”

    Since Californians Won’t Drill for Oil Or Raise Their Taxes, We’ll Have to Bail Them Out.

    I’m sure one way Mr. Rogers didn’t intend for this redistribution of wealth to take place is a proposal by Congressman Barney Frank to force us to bail out California. In response to a request by California Treasurer Bill Lockyer to provide a back stop to California’s debt issue, Frank told Bloomberg News that he was “working with the administration now . . . to do something short-term” for California. http://www.sodahead.com/blog/76671/barney-frank-wants-to-bailout-california/

    Some Advice from a Hoosier from the Heartland

    As a taxpayer in Indiana who tries to live within his means, pay his taxes, drives a car with 147,000 miles on it, raised three great kids who aren’t on drugs and have never been in trouble with the law, and has been married to one woman for 30 years, I have a message for the folks in California who want to keep spending like there’s no tomorrow and force me to bail you out:

    Grow up and find an adult who can run your state and who won’t rip off the rest of the country in order to pander to a bunch of aging movie stars in Hollywood and their bought and paid for politicians.

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