sf chron: “FYI, Mayor Newsom, Tweets don’t equal votes”

sf chron editorial response to sf mayor:

FYI, Mayor Newsom, Tweets don’t equal votes

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mayor Gavin Newsom caused quite a little stir with his comment to The Economist that “people under 30 won’t even notice” if The Chronicle were to close.

The mayor’s spinmeister was quick to assure us that Newsom’s quote was out of context, that he was referring only to the print version of The Chronicle; that young people do see our work online.

Not to worry, no offense was taken here. Similar words have been spoken in this very building. It’s no secret that newspapers are struggling to attract younger readers.

But the bad news for the 41-year-old gubernatorial candidate who seems to have become so infatuated with techno-politics and his hundreds of thousands of Facebook friends and Twitter followers: There is a correlation between the demographics of the people who read newspapers and the people who make the effort to vote.

It’s one thing to get young people to Tweet your praises or befriend you on Facebook. It’s quite another to get them to the polls on election day.


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