ron kaye: “why i am voting against the propositions”

Why I’m Voting Against the Props, Jack Weiss, Paul Koretz and Every Other Politician

By Ron Kaye

Antonio Villaraigosa isn’t alone when it comes to failed political leadership.

As far as I’m concerned, every single elected city and county and state official has failed us, failed in their sworn duty to serve the people and work for the common good. They are all failures, period. That’s all I’ve got to say about them.

That’s why I’m voting against all the state propositions on the ballot. They’ve gotten their hands on hundreds of billions of dollars, trillions probably, in the first nine years of the 21st century and what in god’s name have they done with the money.

Are the schools better? The roads? The quality of life? The economic opportunities? The air, the water the sea, the land? Our health, our sense of community, our confidence in our government, our hopes for the future?



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