sf mayor gets the love in elle mag + camp continues obama/clinton comparisons

elle magazine readers introduced to sf mayor with glowing profile

Gavin Newsom

The San Francisco mayor has been lionized and scapegoated for crusading to legalize same-sex marriage

By Diana Kapp | May 15, 2009 12:00 p.m.


plus…newsom camp continues the Obama./Clinton comparisons…odd thing is that clinton won the primary in ca

There is no shortage of Newsom naysayers. “People with the name Brown don’t lose elections in California,” Anthony York of Sacramento’s Capitol Weekly says—to which Newsom campaign strategist Garry South invokes the Hillary Clinton scenario: “And we all know where that ended up, don’t we?” He predicts this contest, too, will pit the future against the past. “In that battle, the future wins,” South says. The quintessential image here, he jokes, is a picture of Newsom as a child sitting on Brown’s lap when he was a rising young gun in California politics. Next year, Brown will be 72 years old.


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