loretta in cahu capitol rap: rumors growing that la mayor will not run

Rumors are starting to grow that LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will not run for Governor. Several political insiders have told CR that the Mayor’s poll numbers among female Hispanic voters are “terrible and getting worse.” Evidently the female Hispanic community is in almost universal disapproval of the Mayor’s jettisoning his wife last year to take up with a young female reporter (that relationship has also hit the skids). We at CR are not surprised by those numbers, since CR is itself married to a Latina female who has been personally very outspoken about the Mayor’s wayward ways. If Villaraigosa does not run, CR has been hearing rumors that Steve WestlyCAHU’s first choice for Governor in 2006 – might take another look at the 2010 race. We will keep you all posted.  FULL POST


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