Q: plan b? A: change

Read: Are California legislators election-crazy?

If Californians reject six ballot initiatives on May 19, the state will resort to “Plan B” to recoup the $6 billion the propositions would have saved, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Monday.

Schwarzenegger’s Plan B includes releasing 40,000 inmates from prison, laying off 51,000 teachers and suspending Proposition 1A of 2004, which stopped the state government from borrowing money from local municipalities among other protections.

“If it doesn’t pass, if the initiatives don’t pass, then here is the other scenario with the more severe cuts, which is the $6 billion hole that we are talking about,” Schwarzenegger said. “And, of course, that will have a tremendous effect. I know that the result of the propositions failing on May 19 will mean $6 billion in additional severe cuts.”

The governor shared his second plan after predictions showed five of the six propositions failing. In fact, Proposition 1F, which freezes salaries of state legislators during a deficit year, is the only initiative ahead in the polls.


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