dear mister president, if there ain’t no quid, don’t give em any quo

Big Brother, can you spare a few billion?

One of those options is to ask the federal government for help. How that might play out is that the state asks the feds to secure loans to help meet government’s financial obligations, and to keep critical programs going until the budget crisis is resolved.

That sounds simple enough. The Obama administration is handing out a few billion here, a few billion there. Why not have California tap into that well of wealth?

The problem with getting cozy with federal money is that, once you dip your hand into that pocket, the feds can slap the cuffs on you.

Mister President, if they come knocking on the White House door holding their hands out for cash, would you do the middle class of California a huge favor?  Offer the loans and guarantees on one condition:  tell them to go back to Sacramento and repeal Prop 13 and the insidious 2/3 rule.

Mister President show em what change is all about, put em to work for the people.  Help them, help us.


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