wall street journal, a view to budget by ballot. sacramento must be changed from the outside in.

Special Vote Will Dictate California Finances

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger warned Monday that the state would need to make another round of budget cuts if voters reject six key propositions in a May 19 special election.

The possibilities include cutting $3.6 billion from education, reducing the state’s firefighting budget 10%, and releasing 40,000 low-risk inmates to cut prison costs, Mr. Schwarzenegger said. The state also may have to borrow $2 billion from local governments, he said.

“None of these options are pleasant,” Mr. Schwarzenegger told local politicians at a meeting Monday in Culver City, Calif.

Voter approval of the May 19 measures is needed to complete implementation of the budget Mr. Schwarzenegger signed in February to close a $42 billion deficit through July 2010. The budget calls for steep spending cuts and new taxes. Among other things, the ballot measures would impose a spending cap on lawmakers, let the state borrow against future lottery revenue, and divert to the general fund some money voters had earmarked for mental-health and children’s programs.

Why can’t Sacramento reform the tax code?

Why can’t the legislature reform itself?  

Why can’t the governor lead his party to do what is right for all Californians?

Why is gutting the government the only option?

The 2/3 rule and republicans must be defeated.  California deserves a government as rich in ideas as her people.  Join CCWC today!  Together we can change Sacramento.


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