how do you plan to fix sacramento? easy, together.

Three things you can do to change Sacramento today:

  1. Commit to undecided until the field of candidates is complete and a full debate is aired.  As undecideds we are currently polling in the top tier of the democratic primary for governor.  Together, we are an open invitation to potential candidates to step into the race and provide a competitive candidate an opportunity to break through day one of their campaign.  We plan to listen to all credible change minded candidates throughout the race.
  2. Get involved with Change Candidate Wanted for California.  Join our Facebook group and invite your friends to join.  Contribute to the blog with flip videos, campaign updates and your thoughts.  We currently have members throughout California.  Together, we will be able to follow the candidates with our free web tools and cheap production devices.  If you would like to begin contributing in this fashion, please let us know.  We can use all the help we can get.
  3. Spread the word.  We currently have t-shirts that are taking our message to the streets and town squares of California.  We are adding all the usual swag in the coming days, e.g. bumper stickers, skate boards and magnets.  Tell your friends and family where you stand by wearing one of these.  

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