sean p keenan, ojai valley democratic club, “the 2/3 rule is the target. it has to go.”

“This is a tremendous opportunity to to address the real problems behind our budgeting process here in California. Prop 1A is not going to pass. Plain and simple. When it fails, the budget that was forced on us by the minority party in the legislature back in February is a dead issue. The largest state, in terms of economy and population, will be without a budget and facing a $50+ billion dollar deficit.

The real problem with our budgeting process is the 2/3 rule. The impending bankruptcy of the largest economy in the entire nation is the perfect opportunity to remove this odious, anti-democratic rule from our Constitution.

The frame will have to be changed quickly after the failure of these propositions. The Republican Senators in the State Legislature are the true culprits. Empowered by the 2/3 rule, they have intentionally sat on their hands and forced this crisis upon us. Their Norquistian no new tax stance is totally irresponsible and borderline negligent. Newly elected Sen. Tony Strickland and his Republican colleagues somehow feel that they should obstruct the budgeting process and threaten the entire state with bankruptcy because of their failed “drown government in the bathtub” ideology. All this despite the fact that Strickland only won his seat by less then 900 votes! Tony Strickland is ignoring or going against at least 50% of his constituency with his reckless recalcitrance and slavish devotion to failed, movement conservative ideals.

When Strickland reveals that he intends to follow up on the threat that he and his Republican cohorts will “take this state off the cliff”, we need to be ready to act and begin recall proceedings. Further, we need to call the Democrats in the legislature and order them to grow a spine and fight for us. They must not begin cutting budget out of fear of Republican threats. The 2/3 rule is the target. It has to go.”


2 responses to “sean p keenan, ojai valley democratic club, “the 2/3 rule is the target. it has to go.”

  1. Wow! Reposted, cool I guess.

  2. Sean, thanks for sharing. Look forward to your next.

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