why should californians, “swallow hard and vote yes”?

Sacramento is broken and another special election is not going to fix it.  If you are tired of the “swallow hard” politics, join us and together we will change California and put an end to the unnecessary, obstructionist special elections.  Check this from recordnet.

The six propositions are essentially the “here, you decide” way lawmakers came up with so they could spread some of the blame to voters if things don’t work out. Without passage of all six (although 1F has virtually no affect on the budget), there are dire predictions about even bigger cuts to highly popular spending on education and law enforcement.

Proposition 1A

The linchpin measure on the ballot is 1A. Without its passage, the rest don’t even matter. This measure would cap state spending using a formula that ties spending to an average of revenue over the previous 10 years. It also would set up a rainy day fund that could be tapped in hard times to smooth out budget bumps. It would grant the governor new powers to make unilateral midyear budget cuts if necessary. And, perhaps the most contentious part, it would extend the higher sales and vehicle taxes by up to two additional years.

There is no way to avoid another round of massive – megamassive – budget cuts if this measure fails. We urge voters to swallow hard and vote yes.


4 responses to “why should californians, “swallow hard and vote yes”?

  1. “There is no way to avoid another round of massive – megamassive – budget cuts if this measure fails.” is simply false.

    Actually, Prop 1A has NO immediate effect on the budget. The sales and other taxes will be in effect for two years regardless. Only Props C, D, and E have any immediate effect. Prop 1A has an effect in the 2011 budget year, by which time we’ll have a new governor, the economy will be better, or worse, and we’ll be able to make different choices.

  2. Asa, we do not support special elections as general principle, let alone Prop 1A.

  3. I agree.

    This post ought to make itself _much_ more clear who is speaking — the quote from recordnet looks like it was written by the authors of this blog. I didn’t realize until returned that “proposition 1a” was a link, not just a header.

  4. Asa, we made the changes you asked for. Thanks for the heads up.

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