if it’s so obvious, why resort to the “old” politics?

Is there a reason behind California Attorney General Jerry Brown’s slow walk-up to gubernatorial campaign?

But, Newsom’s political guru, Garry South, has a more sinister outlook on Brown’s slow walk-up to a campaign that most political observers believe he will wage.

South says that Brown is continuing to haul in campaign contributions as an attorney general candidate because he would probably not get as much as a gubernatorial candidate right now — even though they can command $24,000 compared with the $6,000 that other statewide candidates can raise.

South said contributors are still waiting to see how the governor’s race might shape up and are less inclined to give than to an incumbent attorney general.

“Isn’t it ironic that the guy who wrote the political reform act in 1974 is violating the spirit of the law?” South said. “He’s openly and aggressively campaigning for governor without filing a statement of intentor forming a committee.”


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