los angeles mayor unable to get away

At the last minute, Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa’s office says he is unable to attend the convention this weekend due to the economic crisis.  Withstanding the number of flights to and from Sacramento, isn’t the economic crisis the reason to convene with party leaders and activists, so we might solve the state’s economic crisis together?

CCWC was looking forward to hearing from the mayor, sharing ideas.

This is what the mayor had to say according to calbuzz:  

“It is imperative that we act now to save jobs and protect services here in Los Angeles. That’s why I’m meeting with our City union leaders,” Mayor Villaraigosa said. “We’re going to brew a pot of coffee and roll up our sleeves to get it done. We can’t solve this unprecedented economic crisis with the old politics as usual.”

His spokesperson continues, “This is a leadership moment. Antonio Villaraigosa is not going to Twitter while Rome burns,” Clegg said.

Memo to Clegg, you just engaged in the old politics.


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