colin parent weighs in on newsom campaign

Why I Support Newsom: The Future of the Democratic Party in California

Mayor Newsom is the best candidate in the Democratic Party to transform the enthusiasm for Barack Obama’s presidency, and the drive to overturn Proposition 8, into a lasting political force for progressive politics in California.

I prefer Newsom for governor for a lot of reasons. For the most part, my general view is that Newsom’s imaginative approach to policy will allow him to succeed in solving problems facing California, even where the politics of the past have consistently failed. 

If you take the time to read the post in full, you will find allusions to the tactics of the Obama campaign mostly.  There is scant mention of the solutions that the mayor will bring to Sacramento.  As many of us know having supported and volunteered for Obama, the campaign was about more than “how to win”, it was really about “what” to do when we won.  And we are doing it.

Until we get specific answers on the “why you want to be governor and what you intend to do” from all candidates, CCWC will continue to search for a candidate who can answer these questons.  We know the “how”.  Hell, even the republicans are figuring that out. 

Mr. Parent, do you know what candidate Newsom is going to do to rescue and rebuild the middle class of California?  CCWC members would like to know the answer to that, more than how many tweets are fluttering in cyberspace.


2 responses to “colin parent weighs in on newsom campaign

  1. I can’t speak for any of Mayor Newsom’s plans for California, but I like what he’s done as mayor of SF. I also posted some other reasons I had for supporting Mayor Newsom. Check ’em out!

  2. Colin, we are following the mayor’s campaign closely. Some of our members attended his town hall in Santa Monica and the reactions were a mixed bag. Most agreed he is qualified to run the state.

    Not everyone agreed he is the right man at the right time to do so.

    We look forward to the campaign and see no need to declare support for any candidate until they are named and debating the issues in full.

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