where is the sf mayor on immigration?

speaker.gif The pain of Newsom’s immigrant policies

By Deia de Brito

Newsom senior advisor Mike Farrah tried to explain his bosses’ absence. “Just because he’s not here doesn’t mean his door is not open,” said Farrah, who was met with an overwhelming chorus of boos.

“It’s a lie!” audience members shouted. “When he wanted to be elected, he did come find us! He can find us now!”

“You may yell and scream at me all you want and that’s your right, and I will take those things back to him,” Farrah said and then sat back down.

“We are here to stand with you,” said city assessor Phil Ting. “We cannot stand by and let our community be persecuted.”

“We had a presidential administration that forgot we have a country made up of immigrants, who treated us like second-class citizens,” said Supervisor David Chiu. “I believe that ICE raids are illegal and unconstitutional. We will be extending a hand to our mayor so we can bring reforms in Washington.”


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