from the g to the v

Gavin’s gubernatorial throwdown to Antonio on L.A. turf

“Our buddy Rick Orlov at the L.A. Daily News says the throwdown is on between San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, both expected to run for the 2010 Democratic nomination for governor. That’s because Newsom is holding a March 19 “Los Angeles Area Conversation About California’s Future” … in Villaraigosa’s backyard.

Orlov says the message of Gavin’s invitation to the Santa Monica event, now going out to L.A. area Dems, is: “If you live in Los Angeles and want to gripe about the government, there’s a mayor who wants to hear from you” — except he’s from the city by the bay.”

some of the feedback we have received at CCWC deals with the political notion, “it is better to be for something, than against”.  CCWC agrees with this point of view and is open to all democratic primary candidates prepared to change sacramento.  CCWC is growing its base of support to swing/decide the election for the next nominee of the party.

today, we are for the party.  we would like to broaden the discussion and the field.  we will choose our man/woman, when the time comes, informed by thorough debate and focused on the issues that can fix a broken state capitol.

every candidate will offer strengths and weaknesses unique to each.  as it goes with the two mayors, there are hardened opinions of both as it relates to their personal lives.  CCWC will not decide to endorse, or not, on the basis of these issues. however, it would be foolish to ignore the attitudes of the voters at large expressed in the comments of the article above.


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